slave diamond has been in the Lifestyle since 2001. she’s a branded and collared 24/7 slave to Master Oakman since 2001. she has taught many classes like Florentine Flogging, slave positions, Fire Cupping, Whips, branding, Scene Dynamics and Pony Play. she is the 2012 Grand Champion for the International Pony Play Competition. slave diamond was also a Keynote Speaker for the Florida Power Exchange in 2015. she has helped many in the last 20 years prepare for contests and was honored to be a judge for the International Power Exchange Contest in 2019 at Beyond Leather.  slave diamond, along with her Master run a Private Lifestyle Dungeon, “The Space” in Fort Lauderdale where they run The SFC10 Gathering & Play Party, The Original Gateway Event, Whips, The Dark(er) Edge -Play Party, South Florida Singles Night.


Native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – D marked the beginning of his Leather Journey in 2004, with the purchase of leather jock strap from The Leather Man NYC. What’s interesting, the jock wasn’t for him, but the feelings of excitement, adventure, and mystery that came over him from the purchase of the leather jock, would change his life forever. D strongly supports the message, as long as you believe—you can achieve—for all things are possible through strength, determination and passion. D is not an abbreviation for Douglas, it stands for three signature words that he lives by: Always Daring, Never Stop Dreaming & Always Deliver on your promise! For these are true characteristic of Leatherman and the cornerstones of our community. D is a proud full member of Barons of Steel (BOS), associate member of The Centaurs M.C, and Three Rivers Leather Club (TRLC), Also he is the Contest & Judges Coordinator for Pittsburgh Leather Pride


Boy Luis is a Queer Leather Boy who started his leather and kink journey over 18 years ago. He identifies as a service submissive/Boy that likes to provide service through bootblacking, cleaning/domestic, cigar, sexual/sensual, and community support/education services for the communities that he engages with. He loves to explore/express his leather self through color, themes, and his leather “unicorn” aspects. After becoming the 2017 Fantasy Fetish Fest Ambassador, he continues to support the community by participating in Leadership/presenting for the ChAPTER education group in Chattanooga, TN; participating in the bootblack group for CPI/The Mark in Nashville, TN; being capped in May of 2023, and the honor of being a judge in the FPE contest in 2023. He continues to help educate and support the community through love, service, and aiding others on their leather journey. 


Marilyn is known for blending a wicked sense of humor with her sadistic nature and kind heart. She is an edge player who claims to be “safe” since she is a trauma nurse and loves finding “victims” brave enough to let her try the crazy things that go through her head. She is Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001; and was honored with the Pantheon of Leather Florida Regional Award in 2003.  Presently she co-leads the Miami Munch, OTC a monthly BDSM education group, Newbie Night and Rhythmic Beating under the Full Moon.


lucky, They/she, identifies as a queer, ambiamorous, and hedonistic energy-sexual. She has been in the BDSM and alternative communities for over a decade as a board member, leader and educator. They are the cherished property of their Master, Sir Prussian and the loved little one to their Daddy, Phoenix. lucky can be found volunteering for events as a DM, or teaching classes on taboo play and negotiations. They are passionate about the prisms of Power Exchange, and have a deep affection for HDO, cigar service, leather care, and the most taboo of play. She is honored to have been the /s side of the 2022 Texas Power Exchange and 2023 International Power Exchange title couple with her Daddy, Phoenix. 


Kevin is super judgmental about almost everything – so judging for International Power Exchange is right up his alley.  He is also pretty protective of his alley.  His favorite number is 792 – and while this isn’t true at all, it seemed like the sort of thing title contestants love to memorize.  Kevin has judged other contests in the past, like International Person of Leather.  He also is 52.8% of the 2017 International Power Exchange title, along with his charming Follower.  Kevin and Katie are co-authors of the Authority Transfer book Lead Follow Love.  They teach about Authority Transfer / Power Exchange (within the kink world) and teach fitness classes as their “retirement” fun.  Despite occasionally being told “go fuck yourself,” years of stretching and yoga have yielded zero progress in that regard.  Nor can he blow himself, in case that was your next question – but Katie is an extension of his will, so maybe he can?  Kevin loves orgasms (giving), board games and Swiss Chalet, but would rather lick the forehead of an ostrich than eat Swiss Chalet sauce. 


Mx Mollee is originally from Chicago and has been on their leather journey since 1987. Their pronouns are they/them. They’ve been on both sides of the slash for 30+ years, primarily as a D-type. They believe that power exchange is like a yin/yang and that you need both sides to complete the circuit otherwise balance isn’t achieved. They identify as non-binary/genderqueer, a leather person, a sadomasochist, primal, and a very switchy switch that leans toward being a D-type. They are an active part of the local Leather community. They are also part of the Women’s Leather History Project at the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. Mx Mollee had the honor and pleasure of being Beyond Leather’s Production Manager from 2009 to 2014. They also served on the judges panel in 2019 and 2021. Mx Mollee loves to share their knowledge and give back by mentoring and teaching and has presented at Vanguard Leather, SF10 and WOLF. Their favorite quote about service is from Mahatma Gandhi, “Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”


A former runway model from the island of Jamaica and a current member of B.O.S leather club in Pittsburgh PA., Steve has been in the leather community for the past 15+ years and is currently the on-going Tally Master of several years for Mr. Pittsburgh Leather and a Stage Show entertainer. Steve shares his leather journey with his current partner Dee, and has been together for the past 27 years. He shares a home with his partner Dee and their adopted dog Bella Mae in Pittsburgh and Tampa.


Katie counts numbers well and is methodical and organized.  She has never been a Tally Ho before, but has experience with accounting and counts to very high numbers especially during sex.  She also has done some other things of note such as teaching about Authority Transfer / Power Exchange and Personal Growth, as well as being 47.2% of the recipients of the International Power Exchange 2017 title.  The other 52.8% belongs to Kevin.  Katie and Kevin are co-authors of the Authority Transfer book Lead Follow Love.  She loves being creative, teaching fitness classes, orgasms, board games and Swiss Chalet.  Cumming soon at a dungeon near you.