2023 15th Anniversary Workshops!

AGE PLAY 202 GOING BEYONDMiss Chris – This class is for active participants, the curious, and even the slightly disinclined. Miss Chris busts myths and misconceptions about age play, what it is and what it very much isn’t. All the types of age players will be discussed, from the ABDL’s (adult baby diaper lover), to the littles and middles, all the way up to the Elders. From the non sexual age regressors to the sexualized “dark” role age players (trigger warning). All the controversy, stigma, and intolerance that others bring into this wonderfully nurturing and empowering play will be touched on. Littles always get a chance to play and comment if desired up front while the class is going on. Come and join us for this slightly deeper look into age play.

BDSM LABELS AND TERMINOLOGY 101: Master Vick and Lady Elsa – New to the lifestyle and overwhelmed by all the terms you hear to describe kink orientations, gender, sexuality, and power exchange?  It’s vocabulary-building time!    In this class you’ll get the answers to all your questions and learn new terms you never knew existed. We’ll talk about personal labels and definitions to describe who we are and what we enjoy, and how those definitions can differ between regions and even between individuals.  You’ll learn how to respectfully find out what labels people prefer, how to talk with people with unconventional gender presentation, etiquette when meeting people in power exchange relationships, and lots more.   

BITING AND OTHER ANIMANLISTIC ENERGY EXCHANGES AND PLAY: Master Sir Big Red – Come sink your teeth into the juicy, sensational, and tasty morsels of Biting and Other Animalistic Energy Exchanges and Play.  Biting is as much a Sadist’s delight, as a sweet gift of succulent service.  It is an energy exchange and manipulation that can be deeply sensual, physical, sadistic, playful, erotic, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Via experiential learning we’ll discover how things such as biting, scratching, clawing, licking, and sucking can be beneficial tools of control and intimacy in the BDSM relationship, setting a scene, full body explorations, techniques, and safety. 

BLOOD RITUALS: Marilyn_Z – Blood is the liquid essence of life. Rituals and their effectiveness directly interact with unconscious realms. Blood rituals have been used for centuries. What place do they, or can they, hold in a Power Exchange relationship? Are you participating in rituals without the conscious awareness of it? Recognizing our rituals in life, past present and future makes us prevail as Tops and bottoms. The slow tingle and wet feeling of blood dripping down the skin is intoxicating when combined with the understanding it is being used to bind you closer. Using our blood as a manifestation of our devotion can strengthen and deepen our relationships. 

CANES AND CANNING AND BASTINADO: Travis – Canes the wonderful tools of a Sadist.  Thud or sting most leave lovely marks and let your bottom know you are there.  A brief history of canes in punishment and kink followed by a discussion of safety and types of canes and different effects followed by a short demo.  

CATHARTIC SCENES: RobinPyro & Redwarrior – Deep inside, is there a pain that is weighing you down that you’d like to be able to let go of?  Or, conversely, would you like to be able to free someone else from the pain they’ve been carrying?  Cathartic scenes can be powerful and heart-wrenching and almost sacred.  In this class, we’ll delve deep into the risks involved in these kinds of scenes as well as the benefits and we’ll talk about how to determine if a cathartic scene is beneficial as well as how to prepare, execute, and provide aftercare for one.  Be aware there will be tears and bloodshed and there will be release!

CBT:  Marilyn_Z – Cock ball, teasing, tormenting, torture.  What extreme words ….. when all we want to do is play with the family jewels.  We will start with anatomy and safety issues.  Basic play techniques. Then the fun begins, as the class, with the demo-bottoms consent, will choose which advance type of play they want to learn.  Butterfly board, Crown of Thorns, Scrotal Infusion, Sounds, Catheters?  Or let’s staple the scrotum, disappear the cock to create a man-gina.  You decide.  Or better yet … are you ballsy enough to play with …. Or let us play with your … family jewels.

CIGARS RABBIT HOLE: Boy Nick – Seed to Shop to Smoke, from the Industry Insider 15 years of inside the cigar industry presented to you in one class. This will take the “never smoked a cigar before” submissive and have them selecting cigars for their D-type like a pro. It will take the experienced aficionado and blow their mind. We’ll focus on where art, science, and sex merge in the creation of a cigar to the secrets many retailers don’t want you to know.

Delving Into Your Darkness DEHUMINIZATION and Extreme DEGRADATION: VkD – Welcome to the dark side. Emotions to the left, humanity to the right, drop the baggage and let’s talk about the power you get from no longer being a human. Come with me. I’ll teach you how to abandoned your moral center and teachings…because only when you’ve cast aside you facade of propriety can you admit you’re beautiful as a filthy fucking it!

DIRTY TALK: Ms Dominique – Shhhh, close your eyes and listen to my voice. That’s right you like this don’t you. Ummm you feel so good. Now touch yourself and tell me how it feels. I want to hear you moan. Let’s come together and have some fun as we do dirty talk. Is it a whisper in the ear that makes you wet. A conversation on the phone that has you exploring your body or a note you find of all the things they will do to your body. Dirty talk is the best foreplay to get you started. 

DOMESTIC STYLE DISCIPLINE: Miss Chris – Spankings, forced bedtime, mouth soaping, lists, and contracts galore! Welcome to the world of Domestic Style Discipline! Whether it’s a role play you want to explore, or a relationship paradigm you wish to create, this presentation will span the infinite possibilities. We’ll chat about all the different ways to punish domestically (think spankings, enemas, line writing, early bedtimes and forced chores), but we’ll also talk about DD based relationships, where the Dominant (Head of Household) and submissive (taken in hand) partners have rules and protocols to follow for self growth, to create a harmonious home, and/or to move the relationship forward in a positive way. Different teachings and methods will be used for illustration (i.e. Learning Domestic Discipline, the Spencer Spanking Plan, Christian based Domestic Discipline, or the Disciplinary Wives Club). Finally, a step by step process will be presented that anyone can follow to add Domestic Discipline into their lives and play. Come find out how versatile and important the D in BDSM truly is.

ELECTRIC MAYHEM: ELECTROPLAY W/VIOLET WAND: The Rabbi – You can see it, it’s electric!  You gotta feel it, it’s electric! The violet/neon is a versatile tool for electric play. They are used for the application of low current, high voltage, high-frequency, electricity to the body. This class covers how to get charged up about your electroplay with a variety of probes. It shouldn’t come as a shock but safety and consent are covered in class as well. Can you picture that?

EROTIC BOOTBLACKING: Chris (Miss Rae’s pet) – If you have ever wondered about bootblacking and how it can be used in a scene, or as a scene all by itself, join chris and let her show you the erotic side of leather care. Chris is also known as Miss Rae’s pet and our International Power Exchange Contest Director and has been bootblacking for over 15 years. Her bootblacking passion is more geared towards doing erotic leather care with special friends. Chris loves the connection she can make with someone who is fortunate enough to have her caress their leathers. This class goes beyond a basic bootblacking class because it will only focus on cleaning and conditioning skills for the first few minutes and then it will move on to how to turn that into an erotic scene. Chris will provide tips on how to touch, push, pull, lick and caress leather while someone is wearing it in an effort to build excitement. This class will get a little raunchy, so only attend if you enjoy that kind of stuff.

FEMALE ORGASM TEASE, DENIAL AND CONTROL: Master Sir Big Red – Orgasm tease, denial and control can be a hot stand-alone     of several hours or an ongoing component of a dominant-submissive dynamic. Male orgasm control seems fairly simple: lock up his goodies. But how does one control the female orgasm short of a medieval (and impractical) chastity belt? Join us for this interactive conversation on female orgasm tease, denial, and control. We will discuss the differences between tease, denial, and control as well as the psychological and physiological impacts of each. We will share ideas for devious tease & denial games and techniques and pointers for maximizing the fun for both the teaser and the teased. Orgasm tease, denial, and control is not hot or even appropriate for all people and we’ll cover the characteristics of a good candidate for this deliciously torturous form of play.

FISTING FOR EVERY BODY: Dr Evil & Ms Julie Spanks – Back by popular demand. And it’s no wonder this is one of Dr Evil’s most requested workshops. Expert in the field, it’s an activity that is as near and dear to the heartbeat you feel when your fist is in someone’s hole(s). Are you a newer Top that wants to expand your repertoire? Maybe you are a wanton and proud slut eager to learn from the bottom up? This class will have you laughing as you learn the in’s and out’s as well as What Not To Put In There followed by a hands-IN demo and Q & A.

FLORENTINE FLOGGING: Master Oakman & slave diamond – This is a hands-on workshop requiring two similar in weight and length floggers. (W/we have extras) Florentine Flogging involves two floggers used simultaneously and in unison to produce a rhythm of strikes. The over and underhanded wrist motion used in this technique requires accuracy, skill and control of the tails of the floggers. Other factors include the length and material of the tails that the floggers are made of producing unique sensations either stingy or thuddy depending on the desired effect.

FOOT CARE AND FOOT SERVICE: MissB4tune – is an interactive workshop designed for the kink lifestyle, however the skills can be utilized whether you have a foot fetish or not, to care for your own feet, a friend, Dominant, or to teach your s type how to care for your feet. In this class we will review common foot care issues, you will receive ideas on scene set up and delivery for a foot care and/or worship scene, and ideas for a Dominant to enhance receiving the gift of foot service. You will also have an opportunity to participate in foot service with tips.

HIGH AND MEDIUM PROTOCOLS IN A 24/7 DYNAMIC: Travis – What are some protocols that are typical and atypical. Ways to maintain the protocols in public and around family, friends or those who are not kink friendly.

IMPROVING YOUR AFTERCARE: Shadoichi – You may be familiar with what aftercare is, but perhaps your interested in the science behind why we need aftercare, or what happens with our bodies.  You may even learn something that will create a better after scene ritual for you and your play partner.  We’ll look at ways we can minimize the effect drop will have on us through science and the love languages. 

INSTRUMENTS OF ASS PERCUSSION/BODY DRUMMING: The Rabbi – Body drumming is a form of massage-like rhythmic impact play where the drummer hits the receiver with drumsticks of different textures, sizes, and shapes in sync with the music, in conjunction with sensory deprivation via headphones and blindfold to create the illusion to the receiver that their own body is the musical instrument creating the sounds. Body drumming can be sensual, sadistic, or even orgasmic. The class will cover technique, equipment needed, music selection, and more.  

INTIMACY AND PRIMAL: Princess Asshole – The scratching. The biting. The hair pulling. The primals want it all. Primal isn’t always about wrestling and throwing people around, however hot that may be. It’s a sensory and mental experience. 

LET ME SET THE SCENE: Shadoichi – Has your play gotten to be very monotonous? Perhaps you want to add a new level to your favourite play?  Adding a narrative element to your play can help that! A narrative can take a boring flogging and make it into a scene with undertones of all kinds of emotion. Not only will this class go over examples of narrative scenes, and the planning behind them, you’ll actually help create a narrative scene from scratch!

MANAGING YOUR DOMINANT A Guide to Submissive Communication: Luna Lynx and Ice Empress – In this class we will be discussing ways to communicate with your D or s type in the most respectful manner. This class is for anyone who wishes to engage with their partner while respecting the concepts of their power exchange dynamic.  We are all multifaceted people with differing ideas and Our words are powerful. This class focuses on communication skills to ensure that you are drawing your partner closer to you instead of pushing them away even in the midst of opposing ideas or disagreement.

MIND FUCKS The Ultimate Discomfort Zone: Dr Evil & Ms Julie Spanks– Everyone loves a magic show. We sit in the audience and try to figure out how the trick is done or just sit back in wonder at the illusion. Your conscious brain is lead by the magician to see things that aren’t really there or are too obvious to accept. What is the energy of creating the illusion and then playing with that illusion in your scene or in your play at home? Frankly, it’s yummy, often hysterical, and best of all, it can re-energize our day to day drudge. Attendees must be open and willing to participate in merely the pain of personal growth. (discussion, demo)

MY FAVORITE COCK: Master Vick – This class is all about the cocks that masculine AFAB folks make their own and share with their partners. Many of us have complicated relationships with our “after-market” parts. How do they help us express who we are and how do they affect the relationships we have with lovers? We’ll also talk about the practical considerations involved, like choosing the right sizes, materials, lubes, and harnesses, and cleaning and storing them properly. We’ll also compare different strap-on styles, and share our experiences with “strapless” models such as the Injoyus. 

NEGOTIATION AND SEDUCTION: Hardy Haberman – In the kink community we pride ourselves on our communication skills, yet often negotiating a scene becomes a cold businesslike transaction.  The idea that negotiation is really foreplay can create a much richer experience and move into the realm of seduction.  Done well, that negotiation is a dance of give and take and a teasing conversation of what both parties expect and more importantly desire.

Not Too Woo –EMBRACING ENERGY PLAY The Spiritual Side of BDSM: Beast & Echo – Real talk for newcomers or skeptics of the “woo”. We’ll explore some of the pitfalls W/we ran into and strategies we employed to help U/us on O/our journey as two skeptics into a place of exploration.

PADDLES PLEASE! Bernie & Marisa SMACK! The sweet sound of a spanked bottom. We love spanking and we love paddles so much they have become a mainstay in our tool box. This class is all about those deliciously deviant paddles and covers their safe use, styles, material types, striking techniques, rhythm, posture, building a scene and so much more. There is a lot of demonstrations throughout the presentations which makes for a butt-smacking good time and one sore demo bottom. The class begins with the basics for the beginner and escalates to the more advanced techniques and paddles designed for the more seasoned player.

PET PLAY FOR BEGINNERS: DJ-Pup – Calling all pets and handlers! Come and spend some time discussing the basics of pet play. From gear, to headspace, and how to choose your pet. We’ll take a brief glimpse into the history of petplay, and discuss why some of us choose to become animals, and others handlers. What motivates us to seek out this kind of play? Is it sexual? How do we incorporate pet play into our lives and our dynamics. All pets, handlers, and those curious are welcome to join us in this interactive discussion based class. 

PET PLAY TIME 2 hours Inside Majestic: DJ-Pup – Ever wish you could play with the pets in the park as one of them yourself? Well come on over to Pet Play and join us for a romp! Bring your toys to play with and your pads to protect your knees! Pets are encouraged to bring their Owners/Handlers with them to play with. Important: Please only bring pet appropriate toys with you, no naughty toys allowed! 

POWER POSITIONS: Kat Kay – Position training and slave positions have been a part of the lifestyle for many years, and are a great way to enhance Power Exchange dynamics, as well as head space for the submissive. In Power Positions, kaitlyn will not only cover using positions and position training inside a dynamic, but also ways they can be used for those who are not currently in dynamics. We will be exploring the history of position training,the non-sexual side to some common positions, as well as tools and ways to modify positions for mobility and body limitations to better fit you and your dynamic.

PREDICAMENT PLAY – One against the other: Mistress Mayhem – Two people bound, not interacting except in the mechanisms of their torment. Impact and tension, and how they contribute to each other’s pediments. Creatively layering stimulation and tension on each other’s solo scenes combined into one scene. Using misdirection and what they can’t see to increase the tease and torment of the whole.

READING YOUR BOTTOM: Care to Tango? Daddy Michael and slave kittie – This is a great class for both tops and bottoms. For the top, we will talk about learning body language and what hints your bottom is giving you. For the bottoms, we will give you some feedback on how you can better interact with your top. Even for those that use safe words, the art of reading your bottom will elevate your scenes to the next level. In this class, we will discuss some universal body language, we dive into reading the not-so-universal signs, and we empower you to Tango.

ROPE AND ROUGH BODY PLAY: Bright Shadow – This is a rope class for sadists and masochists. We will first have a discussion about the unique considerations involved in negotiating and consenting to this type of play. We will then explore different ways to combine rope bondage with rough body play, i.e., sadistic impact without toys such as hard slapping, squeezing and other ways of causing pain with nothing more than rope and hands. This is an intense and often primal approach to sadistic rope. Coming with a partner is recommended but individuals are welcome to join and either watch or find a practice partner at the event.

ROPE FOR EVERY BODY TYPE: Bright Shadow – Rope is infinitely versatile and flexible but our bodies are not. Similarly, most people’s body types do not fit into the stereotypical images of skinny, flexible cis women that we tend to see online and in social media. Rope is infinitely adaptable and we always adapt the rope to our partners, never the other way around. And it can be adapted to ANY body type, including male bodies, bodies with injuries and bodies that struggle with flexibility. This will be a collaborative discussion focusing on different methods and techniques for adapting rope to body types that are underrepresented in popular depictions of bondage, including tying people with disabilities, flexibility problems or body types that deviate from our culture’s normative beauty standards. As the technical focus of this class is on ways to modify typical approaches and techniques, this class is for intermediate to advanced level riggers who are already familiar with common rope bondage patterns and techniques.

ROPE SUSPENSION 101:  Spike – Rope suspension is a form of edgeplay. There is no getting around it. It is helpful as a rope top to have an “order of operations” before doing a rope suspension on another human. Bring your rope fundamentals and explore rope suspension in a checklist format before you get someone off the ground. (This class is about suspending another person, so a partner will be helpful).

ROPE SUSPENSION 201:  Spike – Join Spike for the continuation of his Rope Suspension 101 class. To add to your basic rope suspension knowledge, you will learn about dynamic suspensions, transitions, inversions, and other intermediate rope suspension techniques. Attendees should have working knowledge of partial suspensions and a single line suspension to attend.

ROUGH BODY PLAY and how NOT to be fair: Master Griffin – This class is the bread and butter for those that like the rough edges of BDSM, where it’s raw and somewhat crass, to just grab a bottom or a brat and fling them around and use unnecessary force as a point. Even a smaller person can use a situation and mechanics to rough up a person, making them feel overpowered in a primitive and gruff style. I highly encouraged participation.

SEXPOWERMENT: Ms Dominique – is when you combine the sensuality and intensity of sex with the empowerment of accepting who you are and what your place is within BDSM. Embrace your sexuality and have no doubts about enjoying sex. More than just enjoying sex in the moment, make it a part of who you are all the time because when you share your body and your power, you own your essence and Everyone Will Want a Taste.

SEXY HOT KNIFE PLAY: Master Talon & justkathy – Do those hot scenes with a bottom trembling on the point of a knife get your blood flowing? If you love knives and are eager to ramp up the intensity this is the class for you! Join Master Talon and justkathy to learn techniques for safe and sexy knife play!  

SHARP AND POINTY: Master Talon & justkathy – If you love needles this is the class for you! Tops and bottoms alike join Master Talon and justkathy in this presentation that covers from basics to beautiful or mild to mean, with a side of staples to keep it all tied together. Grab a partner before or during class to get your pointy on…we’ll bring the pointies!

SPEED PERVING: Divinity – Sometimes it’s can be hard to figure out what to say to someone, especially at an event when you’re from out of town or you’re just not going out into the community as often as you’d like. Well, Speed Perving helps break the ice in our wonderful kinky way! Come join us and find a new friend, a play partner or more! The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

S-TYPE ROUNDTABLE: Redcandi – This is a safe space with the goal to unite s-types of all experience levels to discuss relationships and related issues. All ages, genders and orientations are welcome.

Suck It Up- COCKSUCKING Tips and Tricks: Master Oakman & slave diamond – Calling all of you who love getting or giving a delicious, sensual, sexy, hot, horny BLOWJOB!! This is a Mouths ON Class! Please bring your DEMO Top or bottom as the case may be! New Exciting Techniques even if you’ve attended this class the past three years!

TALK YOUR WALK/POWER EXCHANGE COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Doctor Bubbles & Kitkat Ann – Being in sync with your partner is crucial to a healthy and effective Power Exchange Dynamic, but it is so easy for two or more people to misunderstand each other. Developing communication skills can be difficult even in a vanilla setting! However, by leaning on the fundamentals of negotiation and intent, we can make our dynamics and communication skills reinforce each other. In this class, Doctor Bubbles and Kitkat Ann will show you how to get on the same page by developing a shared language, demonstrate strategies for resolving conflict, and even make it seem that you are reading your partner’s mind through understanding non-verbal communication. This is a class designed for both those who are in an existing dynamic AND those who want to build a good foundation for a dynamic in the future.  

THE BEAUTY OF OBJECTIFICATION: Vintage Kinky Doll – Being desired is one of the most powerful feelings we as humans have. It affirms us, validates us and turns us on. We crave objectification. Are you strong enough to admit it? Whether you want to be the object of their desire or a physical object they can use and abuse, objectification is a natural craving. We will discuss the different ways people can be objectified and the empowering feelings you can get from it.

The ins and outs of BLENDING DIFFERENT TYPES OF POLYMistress Mayhem, Spike & AnnMarie – Different views on polyamory – a unified goal. Finding harmony with your own poly and that of your partners. What’s it like when very different kinds of people make a poly life together?  The components that go into making this work for everyone. All relationships must contain the same building blocks, the more involved the more you realize just how important the simple things are. 

THE MALE G-SPOT: Hardy Haberman – An exploration of the prostate and how it can enhance and super-charge your sex. Once thought to be just for gay men, ass play has moved into the mainstream as more and more men regardless of sexual orientation, learn the pleasures of the “Male G Spot”.  This class will discuss hygiene, physiognomy and techniques and there will be demonstrations, so this is not for the shy.  Be prepared to find a few surprises.

THE VULNERABLE DOMINANT: Sir Top and Daddy Michael – Ever wonder how to remain a strong powerful dominant and yet fully embrace and communicate your own vulnerability? We all love the image of the tall dark imposing master, a pillar of rock and strength. However, that vision can be stifling. Explored through the lens of 2 dominants journey from arrogant to loving and secure, we will talk about the rewards for allowing your partner to see and embrace your soft vulnerable underbelly. Doing so can greatly facilitate communication, enhance a loving relationship, and be the catalyst for a great deal of personal growth. By showing the strength to explore our own vulnerability, submissives often find the strength to explore and share their own

VIRGINS ORIENTATION: Sir Top and slave bonnie – Known as a very fast paced high energy event, Sir Top and slave bonnie share how to navigate the ins and outs of Beyond Leather so you do not miss any thing while still getting to focus on what you want to learn, what you want to see and so much more, while attending Beyond Leather.

WARMING THE BOTTOM Baby it’s cold outside…sometimes: RobinPyro & Redwarrior – Would you like to enflame your bottom’s passions and ignite their desire?  This class will go through methods to do so with commonly available materials.  Fan the flames of lust and join us for a HOT class.

WORSHIP WITHIN YOUR DYNAMIC: Luna Lynx – Come explore the sacred ritualistic practice of worshipping your partner as a Divine God or Goddess. Learn juicy ways to mold your dynamic into a sensual form of praise, prayer and worship to the pleasure you can experience together. Arrive with an open mind and open-heart ready to dive into this hedonistic practice.