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Master Sir Big Red is an equal opportunity Gender-Queer, Woman of Color, Queer Mother, sensual and sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Erotic Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create experiences and culture that is raw, creative, sensual, deeply intense, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities! 


Marilyn is known for blending a wicked sense of humor with her sadistic nature and kind heart. She is an edge player who claims to be “safe” since she is a trauma nurse and loves finding “victims” brave enough to let her try the crazy things that go through her head. She is Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001; and was honored with the Pantheon of Leather Florida Regional Award in 2003.  Presently she co-leads the Miami Munch, OTC a monthly BDSM education group, Newbie Night and Rhythmic Beating under the Full Moon.



Born in Germany to German and Lakota parents, Beast (He/Him) is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, a biker, bodybuilder, musician, and Cigar Daddy. His slave echo (she/they) is a UK-born, pansexual, polyamorous Leatherwoman who enjoys Wicket and Cricket her sugar gliders and crochet. Beast and echo are your International Master and slave for 2022. Together with their partner Liv, they are raising 3 children in beautiful Colorado. They enjoy sharing with and learning from others, and have found a storytelling style that allows them to share their triumphs and mistakes with honesty, transparency and humor.


Bernie and marisa have shared a passion for kink since they first met 21 years ago. Today they live in a Master/slave dynamic they describe as “Functional Kinky Love’ and are an active part of the Lehigh Valley community in Northeast, PA. As presenters they have traveled to various clubs and conferences in the United States and Canada, offering classes that create active dialogue about power exchange dynamics and sharing their passions for intensely connected scenes. They serve the community as producers of the Northeast Power Exchange Title Competition, a title they held themselves in both 2017 and 2018. 


Boy Nick (pronouns They/Them) is a Queer, Trans/Non-binary, Leatherboy from Naples, Florida. Active in the Leather community for 20+ years. They are happily partnered in a polyamorous relationship with their Daddy of nine years, and Owner of six years. They have spent much of their time as a guide and mentor to those around them. This inspired them to cofound the SWFL TNG which helped develop their teaching techniques to bring the old traditions and fuse them with the new generations.


Bright-Shadow (he/him) is a 37 year old Sadist, Dominant and admirer of Japanese style rope bondage. He has been teaching rope since 2019 and is endlessly fascinated by its ability to transform touch, induce altered states of consciousness and turn human bodies into works of art. He is always seeking new insight knowledge into the mysteries of rope bondage and intends to continue studying, practicing and teaching rope for the rest of his life.   


Chris (Miss Rae’s pet) has been in the South Florida kink community since around 2000 and learned bootblacking in 2006. She was the Southeast Bootblack titleholder for 2008 and has mentored many people in the art of leather care. Chris has been in a D/s relationship as the submissive of Miss Rae since 2006 and also married to her since 2015. She assists Miss Rae with running Women Of Leather Florida (WOLF – started in 2003) and is the Director for the International Power Exchange contest at Beyond Leather. Chris is proud of the life that she lives and enjoys learning just as much as she enjoys teaching. You can typically find her with her Leather family volunteering at different events and parties. Chris enjoys meeting people so don’t be shy!

Daddy Michael is the producer of the Florida Power Exchange. He has been in the community since 1995. He is a bisexual, non monogamous, deviant IT nerd and is still growing each day. He is the proud Daddy, Dominant, Master, and most importantly, best friend and husband to his slave kittie. He enjoys teaching and has presented at events such as Beyond Leather, Southern Polyamory Gathering, SELF, SAR, Spanksgiving, Beat Me in St Louis and PXSummit.

Slave kittie is a bubbly Cuban born and raised in Florida. She is a little/brat, leather kitten & poly/pan slave. She has been in the kink/BDSM community since 2015 and started her Leather Journey in 2021. She is Co-Producer of the Florida Power Exchange Conference. She enjoys teaching and helping others with their education and journey in the lifestyle. She has taught previously at the Sanctuary, Beyond Leather, United We Stand, and the Florida Power Exchange. She also is the proud owner of her little paci store, Lils Clubhouse. If you ever see her running about at an event or out and about, please feel free to stop and say hi. She is always excited to meet new friends. 


DJ-Pup (she/her) is a leather woman, vers., leather pup who has been active in the lifestyle for 19 years, and a pup for 8. She considers herself a stray wandering through the community. DJ-Pup has been the leader of multiple munches, and has co-run Tampa Leather Alliance of Women. She has enjoyed volunteering at events such as Florida Leather and Fetish Pride, LXIX, FPE, and Beyond Leather as security, DM, and most recently as the dungeon DJ for Florida Power Exchange. She’s been a pup for the last 8 years, and loves the freedom and playfulness it brings to life and enjoys seeing others find their inner critter. Welcome to the Bark side. 


Doctor Bubbles and KitKat Ann met at Beyond Vanilla in 2018, and found a kindred spirit in each other. Since then, they have gone from playmates to best friends, and eventually established an M/s dynamic and romantic partnership together. Their dynamic is based on mutual respect,  trust, self improvement, dedication to increasing their knowledge, and helping improve the world around them. In 2021, they were named the Texas Power Exchange titleholders and went on to be named the 2022 International Power Exchange titleholders. As titleholders, they view it as their duty to help promote positive and healthy power exchange dynamics. “The place between your comfort zone and your dream is where life takes place.” – Helen Keller 


Dr. Evil (he/they) and Ms Julie Spanks (she/her) have a combined 50+ years’ experience in the BDSM community as mentors and teachers, and have been teaching as a team for the past 15 years to rave reviews at Thunder in the Mountains, Desire, Floating World, Dark Odyssey, KinkFest, IMsL and more. They love to share their massive skill sets with everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros, and excel in front of a classroom full of eager humans. They also relish in the connection of one-on-one sessions. Dr Evil and Ms Julie are very much looking forward to making their return to Beyond Leather.


Hardy Haberman is from Dallas, Texas. He has been active in the leather community since the mid-70’s, and a member of many BDSM.Fetish organizations including Dallas Motorcycle Club, NLA-Dallas and a founding member of Inquisition-Dallas. Considering himself a “Pain Technologist” he specializes in CBT and has an unusual fondness for clips clamps and clothespins, as well as more esoteric SM play. Professionally he is a marketing specialist and filmmaker. His documentary on the leather lifestyle “LEATHER” has won numerous awards and appeared in festivals around the world, and his latest film, “Out of the Darkness, The Reality of SM” is currently being used by healthcare professionals around the world.

Activist, author & speaker on aspects of the SM/Leather scene, his latest book book “Shouts in the Wilderness, Daily Meditations for Leatherfolk” is currently available on  He also writes a regular column in the Dallas Voice newspaper. He was awarded NLA’s Man of the Year award in 1999 and the NLA-I Lifetime Achievement award in 2007 he received the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Leather Leadership award. He was honored to be a Judge at both IML and ILSb and currently serves as board chair of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC.


Ice Empress (also affectionately known as K2 in the community) is a licensed real estate agent and community association manager in her professional vanilla life. She has been in the lifestyle 15 years and identifies as a poly pansexual dominant. She was active in the scene in Northern California for 3 years where she was a member of a poly triad. Moving back to Florida, she joined the Beyond Leather family as a Director of Registration and has been involved with BL for 14 years. She is a member of Sir Top and Bonnie’s family and is a member of W.O.L.F (Women of Leather Florida). 


kaitlyn kayce, commonly known as kat kay, is a service-oriented submissive with 8 years in the community. she has the honor of serving in a 24/7 Power Exchange with her Dominant, Madam Hexe and has been serving the community in various forms of education and demo-ing, most popularly known for her place on the Trouble Comes in Three podcast. kaitlyn’s passion for knowledge has been the driving force of her journey, with an emphasized focus on teaching from the right side of the slash at events such as FPE, Submissive Safe. She is always up for meeting new people and having conversations, her favorite topics including service, objectification, and Power Exchange. 


Luna Lynx is a licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist, and Massage therapist. She has proudly dedicated her life to body, mind, and soul integrative practices focused on Creatorhood. Luna believes in Sacred Sexuality, gladly sharing her deep knowledge of intimacy, vulnerability, and transparency. She’s been described as endearing, affable, and effervescent. She has an eccentric charm to her ever changing and evolving personality.  She’s Polyamorous, Pansexual, Kinky High Priestess with her Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. She experiences her bliss and power through her vulnerability encouraging the world to love and accept their magnificence.


Marilyn is known for blending a wicked sense of humor with her sadistic nature and kind heart. She is an edge player who claims to be “safe” since she is a trauma nurse and loves finding “victims” brave enough to let her try the crazy things that go through her head. She is Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001; and was honored with the Pantheon of Leather Florida Regional Award in 2003.  Presently she co-leads the Miami Munch, OTC a monthly BDSM education group, Newbie Night and Rhythmic Beating under the Full Moon.


Master Griffin is the proud owner of His slave, Rebecca, living together 24/7 as Master and slave. They also enjoy exploring their Poly, Queer and Switch sides. Being together since 2015, they have found a passion for sharing their experiences with others. Their Leather Family, Castle Griffin, is an educational and support resource for the leather and kink communities. They enjoy engaging others about the lifestyle with all the diversity that makes it spectacular while being able to present on a wide variety of topics, from Protocols and Rituals, and Kidnapping and Wrestling. Together they held the 2019 & 2020 NorthEast Power Exchange titles.


Master Sir Big Red is an equal opportunity Gender-Queer, Woman of Color, Queer Mother, sensual and sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Erotic Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create experiences and culture that is raw, creative, sensual, deeply intense, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities!  


Master Oakman, Leatherman and Educator, has been in the Lifestyle since 1992. He collared (2001) and branded His adoring slave diamond in Dec. of 2002 and they have been together ever since living a 24/7, M/s, BDSM Lifestyle. slave diamond has been in the Lifestyle since 2001. They have educated many with their classes on Branding, Florentine Flogging; Whip play/Cracking, Knife Play, Scene Dynamics, Pony play, Fire Cupping, The Art of the Blow Job as well as classes for relationships in the Lifestyle.

Together they founded SF.Community10  and the Oakland Park Dungeon now renamed, “The Space in Oakland Park,” formed in 2010 as well as the SFC10 Gathering and Play Party, Whips in Oakland Park, Darker Edge play party, Gummy Bears and The Original Gateway Educational group.


Master Robin Pyro and his slave, redwarrior are a dynamic duo that have been presenting all over North America for over 12 years.  Master Robin Pyro has judged IPE multiple years and loves all things related to fire, rope, heavy play, and power exchange.  Redwarrior served as Southeast Community Bootblack 2010, International Community Bootblack 2010, and was honored as the 2011 Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year.  She is passionate about power exchange, heavy play, adaptive play, and neuroscience topics related to play and has also taught classes on adaptive play.


Since starting his journey as a boi over two decades ago Master Talon has evolved into a dedicated member of the Leather community. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with members of our diverse communities. Discovering the Tampa kink community almost a decade ago justkathy found “her people” and a ready outlet for her love of community and service.

Master Talon and kathy built their power exchange relationship on a foundation of trust, respect, communication and community service. Their combined love of teaching, sharing, and building community connections directs their life activities.


Master Vick and Lady Elsa are passionate about the Leather/BDSM community, about queer and pansexual spaces, and about helping others grow and thrive in those worlds. Master Vick, Indiana Ms. Leather Pride 2016, is a spiritually oriented Native American energy worker with roots in Blackfoot and Cherokee traditions and practices, and a southern gentleman leatherdyke with a seriously sadistic streak in the dungeon. His community service has included founding and producing Indiana Leather Pride Weekend and two terms as president of Indiana Leather Club.  Lady Elsa, International Power Exchange 2012, was a 2016 recipient of the Leathertarian Award for service to the Leather and Fetish communities.  She co-founded and leads Andromeda, a group for kinky women, and serves as Membership/Mentorship chair for Indiana Leather Club.


Miss Chris is a switchy-pan-poly edge player, Professional Disciplinarian, certified life coach, webmaster, toymaker, and international BDSM educator. She founded the Sun Valley Spankos, now Spank University, which melds the education from the BDSM world, with the party culture of the spanking community. She is proud to have presented internationally in Italy, Canada, Ireland and Spain. MC has delivered fetish based workshops at vanilla conferences, too, including Darkcon, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Councilors and Therapists (AASECT), and Mensa, and she has recently appeared on The Doctors TV show. Miss Chris has been awarded twice, the DomCon Special Guest of Honor for her contributions to the professional lifestyle.


MissB4tune(she/her), is a married, polyamorous Switch: Sadist and brat. She is invested in community involvement and education. She hosts a monthly community munch as well as a monthly kink edusocial event, offering kink classes and demos that encourages local community presenters and involvement. She has presented at local and virtual MAsT and community meetings. MissB enjoys planning creative scenes for her bottoms and developing classes for her small but growing local community. MissB also brings experience from various vanilla presentations on a national level. 


With over twenty five years years of experience in the kink scene, as an active member of the Madison Wisconsin scene, having participated in the running of events and spaces for the last seven years. Mayhem brings their love of art, creating space and playing in the sexiest place there is in people’s minds and hearts, attending events all over the country, learning and sharing what they know. As someone who delves deep into the minds of their play partners, they have something unique to contribute as an educator with her talent of “Mind Fuckery”.


Ms Dominique is a presenter in the vanilla world and has expanded into our world over the last several years. Let’s welcome her return, embrace her and support her! You have enjoyed her in the past and we know you will enjoy her return with her outstanding kindness, joy, humor, big heart and sexy self.


Princess Asshole (P.A.), she/they, is just your run-of-the-mill asshole trying to do weird stuff to people and have a lot of laughs in the process. Originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, now residing in Austin, she’s been in the kink community since 2015. They are a creative by trade, and loves to play in arenas that push her creativity, especially in kink. You’ll often find her carving art into skin, piercing people or fulfilling her sadistic, surgical dreams of being a harmacist. 

P.A. identifies as a queer, polyamorous, and as a switch. She dedicates herself in helping educate her community on out-of-the-box kink, self-awareness, advocacy, and overall intersectionality in all the facets of her life. P.A. is honored to be the 2019/20/21 Rocky Mountain Person of Leather.


redcandi is a submissive with Sadistic tendencies. she began her leather journey in 2012 but has been kinky for much longer than that. She values education & views whatever skill-sets she has learned as meant to be paid forward. redcandi is the founder & co-moderator of the South Florida submissive roundtable (SRT). she also co-leads OTC & Newbie Night as well as the Miami Munch. Past groups she has moderated/hosted include South Florida TNG and Vanguard Leather. redcandi was the humble recipient of the 2019 Sir Tom’s Award given by SFC10 for Service to the South Florida Community. redcandi believes in paying respect to those who came before her while also encouraging the new generation. At her core, it is all about being in service to the community she loves.


Shadoichi has been involved with kink communities since 2010. Recognized for having a truly one-of-a-kind personality, an eccentric approach to scene planning and a love of puns, he definitely “leaves a mark”. He is constantly learning and growing his skills in hopes of one day passing the knowledge to younger generations.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Shadoichi has attended and taught many workshops at conferences, clubs, and kinky camping events across North America. He has taken information from many different presenters on very different subjects to create a unique style of his own. 


Sir Top, SE Master 2007, is gender fluid and has been active in the lifestyle since 1999 as a Dominant and Master.  He was presented the “Leather Archives & Museum Chuck Renslow President’s Award 2010”, Pantheon “Couple of the Year Award 2010” with slave bonnie and the “Jack Stice Community Award 2009”.  Sir Top is in a successful 24/7 M/s relationship with slave bonnie, since 2002. Sir Top loves educating and paying it forward in his teachings. Sir Top resides in FL and had a 40 plus year career in the medical field. Now retired from the field he still has a strong precision for needles, creative needle play, and decorative cuttings.  He owns a 501c3 non-profit resource center for Transgender and non-binary individuals.  

Sir Top is co-owner of Beyond Leather, a BDSM event held in south Florida and it’s in the 15th year, Top’s Boot Camp and the International Power Exchange contest. Sir Top has presented at events all over the country, judged International contests, has been an emcee since 2008 and is passionate as a keynote speaker.


A BDSM player for 20 years, Spike doesn’t play with one aspect of BDSM, he enjoys playing with all of them. A rope artist, a whip aficionado, a sub, and a pony; he enjoys being all of them.  Spike’s dry sense of humor and timing ensures a lively conversation at any event. He resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his Mistress: Mistress Mayhem. Spike has presented at Shibaricon, Beyond Leather, Ropecraft and Madtown Kinkfest,. When he’s not playing with rope, Spike enjoys cracking whips, being a DJ and spinning fire.


Born to kink on 6/9, The Rabbi is a Cisgender, Ambimorous, Gynesexual, Sadistic Bratty Daddy Dom. He’s been called “Prince of the Pervertables,” “Pied Piper of Brats,” and “Carrot Top of Kink.” He creates unique toys with a sadistic flair that makes the prop master on Cutthroat Kitchen jealous, including ceiling fan paddles, Lego nipple clamps, and mop head flogger. The Rabbi has electrocuted with slinkys, broken all Ten Commandments (over someone’s ass), and hit people with everything including a literal kitchen sink. Currently, he’s a mental health professional with sex therapist certification in progress. Find social medias at


Travis has been active in the lifestyle since 1992. Spending 15 years in the Tidewater region of Virginia he has been in Athens Georgia since 2014 where he host a munch and other lifestyle activities and is active in the greater Atlanta BDSM Community A student of the lifestyle, not only of practical hands on techniques but also of the history and social evolution of all things BDSM and kink related. Always up to grab a coffee or beer and talk in person or on the net to exchange ideas about the “what and the why” of what we do.


VintageKinkyDoll has been active in the lifestyle for 21 years. She is a participating member in the scene of numerous locales and very active in the Houston and Texas scenes. She has been Chairman of the Board for HPEP, a member of HEAT, Eros, Italia Fetish and SCK. She is best known for her presentations and demonstrations on dollification, degradation, objectification and 50s Household, from a submissive point of view and learning.

Her vanilla life is filled with family, friends, being a business owner and serving the community by serving on a few too many vanilla committees and boards.