International Power Exchange 2017 Judges Panel



Head Judge: Master Obsidian 

International Master 2010

Master Obsidian is the chapter founder and Director of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) Austin and is also the Regional Representative for the Southwest Region of MAsT International. He served on the Board of GWNN (The Group with No Name) Austin Texas and  moderator of Black BEAT Texas for 7 years. He and his devoted slave namaste are International Master and slave 2010, Southwest Master and Southwest slave 2010. They serve as moderators for the national MAsT Open yahoo group and the regional MAsT Austin discussion list. Master Obsidian is a published author with articles in BDSM publications covering the M/s and BDSM lifestyle and philosophy, his educational experience also includes workshop presentations, seminars and classes focusing on M/s relationship dynamics and techniques. A 2009 nominee for the Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year award, he has also been honored to mentor both novice and seasoned Dominants. Master Obsidian has been in the lifestyle for over two decades,  is the owner of slave namaste and the Master of House Obsidian in Texas.


Judge: Ranell

International Power Exchange 2015


Ranell is Pacific Coast and International Power Exchange 2015 as part of a triad with Ms WillowKat and Aren. She has been living and following her Leather path of M/s, D/s, erotic play, and service to the community since 2005. Ranell identifies as a dominant, slave, leather dyke, and mystic. An avid volunteer, her current roles include Board Member of the San Francisco Dykes On Bikes Women’s Motorcycle Contingent and Associate Producer of the Ms. San Francisco Leather Contest. Balancing monastic leanings with a polyamorous lifestyle, Ranell has found deep connections to those spirits who have touched hers.




Judge: slave diamond

International Pony Play Championships 2012


slave diamond has been in the Leather BDSM Lifestyle since 2001. She was formally collared by Master Oakman in December of 2002 and lives a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic. Past Presenter at Community Link, Y Not, The Florida Bash 2006 & “2007” (where He re-branded slave diamond) & 2011 - 2013, Florida Power Exchange 2015 & 2016. She’s also presented at Beyond Leather 2008 - 2016. She has co-educated many with classes on Branding, Florentine Flogging; Whip play/Cracking, Knife Play, Scene Dynamics, Pony play, Fire Cupping as well as a Communication class for relationships in the Lifestyle. She and Master Oakman competed in the 2011 Intl Pony Play Championships at Beyond Leather and won Reserve Grand Champion and Sexiest ponygirl. They competed in 2012 International Pony Play Championships and won Intl Grand Champion and Best Horsemanship! Master Oakman and slave diamond now Co-Direct the International Pony Play Championships held at Beyond Leather. Together they founded Sf.Community10, A BDSM Club and monthly play party in South Florida formed in 2010 as well as South Florida Pony Corral, Whips in Oakland Park and SFC10 Education series groups. They host Groups at SFC10 such as the Beyond Leather play parties, Women of Leather Florida, The South Florida Littles, The South Florida Bondage Club, The South Florida Rope Group, The Critter Ark, Dominant and submissive roundtables, TNG, Ynot Tuesday and the Fetish Foto Club of South Florida.


Judge: boy cliff

IPPC Grand Champion 2016



boy cliff a lifestyle Leatherman for most of his adult life, permanently collared to Master Tony, lives a multifaceted power exchange lifestyle. boy cliff, active participant at BL since 2014, is a well-seasoned leatherboy embracing the totality of who he is. IPPC Grand Champion 2016 Pony Maverick, Pup Parker one of the few original first puppies of the early 90’s and little boy kiffie all rolled up in one. Together with his Leather Family, he is active within our local community in South Florida, supporting various groups, teaching and sharing various lifestyle dynamics, experience, skill sets and service.   





Judge: Doug Mr.

Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2011 and Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011

Native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he marked the beginning of his Leather Journey in 2004, with the purchase of leather jock strap from The Leather Man NYC. What’s interesting, the jock wasn’t for him, but the feelings of excitement, adventure, and mystery that came over him from the purchase of the leather jock, would change his life forever. D followed his curiosity and searched for answers to explain or help justified why he was felt this way towards leather. As if it wasn’t difficult being gay, and now having kinky thoughts and feelings; he thought something must be really wrong with him. That frustrated feeling lasted until April 2007 when he attended his first true leather event, Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There he received the answers to his questions through seminars and much more.   


He strongly supports the message, as long as you believe—you can achieve—for all things are possible through strength, determination and passion. D is a full member of Three Rivers Leather Club where he is currently the clubs Road Captain.  He is a former Mr. Pittsburgh Leather/Fetish 2011, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011, and was the First Runner Up for Mr. International Leather 2011. 



Judge: Darcy

Darcy has been active in the public lifestyle since 2005 when she went to her first Orlando Munch. A year later she and two fellow newbies created the Newbie Roundtable group associated with the same munch, through which she met her dominant, Master Cecil. Together they have owned The Woodshed Orlando since 2008. She is currently the event and education coordinator for The Woodshed, Producer of FIRE, and a member of NLA-Orlando, and in the past has been the class coordinator for the Orlando Munch, and a member and officer of Safe Words Toastmasters. She has presented on topics as varied as bootblacking, relationships, and massage at events from Florida Power Exchange, to Spanksgiving in St. Louis and COPE in Columbus, Ohio. She describes herself as Master Cecil’s submissive, partner, and general “bitch what gets shit done.” Master Cecil describes her as “the brains behind the operation.”


 Judge: Sir Robin Pyro


Sir Robin Pyro came out into the South Florida BDSM community in 2003.  From that time on, he was a wandering Dom and has been involved in both D/s and M/s relationships as well as community organizations in South Florida, Jacksonville, and Anchorage, Alaska.  He has been with his slave, redwarrior, for over 7 years and works to balance a TPE M/s relationship with work, kids, motorcycles, and an active lifestyle in Alaska.  He is passionate about power exchange relationships, having attended Master Taino's Training Academy, MsC, SPLF, SELF, and other conferences specializing in power exchange and participates in local Dominant discussion groups and MAsT chapters and has also engaged in discussons of power exchange relationships within the biker community.  He is honored to be serving as a IPE judge this year.






Kathy and Mike: Contestant Wranglers


Keith: Tally