Welcome to the International Power Exchange contest!

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IPE 2012 Lady Elsa and boi kris (GLPE)

IPE 2013 Sir Guy and karida      (NPE)

IPE 2014 Stefanos and shay      (PCPE)

IPE 2015 Ms. WillowKat, Ranell, Aren (PCPE)

IPE 2016 Master Talon and kathy  (FPE)


Welcome to the extremely successful, innovative, diverse and fun International Power Exchange contest! Beyond Leather has created the International Power Exchange contest to cater to and celebrate the vast diversity of power exchange dynamics and this contest is not exclusive to leather. The International Power Exchange contest is an educational title for any power exchange pair/triad/poly/family. We are excited to reach out to all the diverse groups and dynamics within our communities. Click here to see the regions!


IPE is open to all over 21 years of age regardless of gender or sexual preference, who have been in any power exchange dynamic for at least 1 year. Only 3 from a poly family may represent the family. A pair could enter as: Owner/property, Dominant/submissive, Femdom/submissive, Master/slave, Taken in Hand, Handler/puppy, Daddy or Mommy with a boi/boy/girl, Sir/Ma'am with a boi/boy/girl/little and the list goes on. The title winners will have the opportunity to travel around the country giving demos and classes on the aspects of their personal dynamic. Beyond Leather will assist with raising a travel fund to help subsidize travel expenses for the winners. We welcome this addition and glad you have embraced it with us!  


Director and MC: chris; Miss Rae's pet

Southeast Community  Bootblack 2009


The IPE Director is chris, Miss Rae's pet.  She found a passion for contests by working with several different ones over the years including the Florida Leather Sir/boy/Community Bootblack, Mr & Ms Beyond Leather, and the International Pony Play Championships. As the Director for the International Power Exchange, she enjoys watching each of the contestants as they learn more about themselves while teaching others.  chris holds the Southeast Community Bootblack 2009 title and is a long-standing member of Women Of Leather Florida (WOLF).  Although her first goal will always be to provide the best service possible for her beautiful owner, Miss Rae, she also stays focused on giving back to the community that has given her so much.  Contact chris directly at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information regarding the IPE.